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Dialect Payment Server
Dialect Payment Server - Hosted / ASP Service
Dialect Payment Server - Inhouse License
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Products and Services

In this area of our website we offer the next level of detail about the Dialect Products & Services that have been utilised by our clients to deliver their payments infrastucture, and some of the segment solutions such as travel, media and gaming created with these components.

Dialect Payment Server: The only system designed from concept to installation exclusively for processors and banks, the Dialect Payment Server is THE hub for management of ePayment transaction and routing.

Dialect Payment Server - Inhouse License: You can install, run, brand and customize this powerful server on your own platform. Alternately we offer...

Dialect Payment Server - Hosted / ASP Service: For new segments or markets where a scalable service is desireable or when the business case or resourcing for in-house operation does not yet add up, we are happy to configure and operate a payment server on your behalf. This option has timing, resourcing and budgetary benefits for many.

Mobile Payments: The fastest growing payments area is around communications, sales and payments to and via wireless or mobile devices. Dialect experience with both mobile interactive and payments stakeholders, technologies and solutions  is a unique combination to ensure your steps along this path have a strong combination of sound strategy, with secure and reliable implementation.

Professional Implementation Services: Use your own team or augment or combine with our consulting, design, installation and support people.

Global Merchant Services: If your needs include design, setup and deployment of payment or transaction services to be utilised by a large number of partners or merchants, we can assist with specialised  and highly scalable capabilities to help ensure you get the return on your deployment business case.


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