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Mobile Payments

Buying no longer relies on a bricks and mortar destination.

Consumers can browse, choose and purchase by digital phone.

Were at the tip of a marketing revolution, especially in ticketing for events such as sport, music, the arts and special events. The digital generation is mobile, versatile and reliant on down-line information and offers.

Current services uniquely suited to mobile commerce include:

  • digital content, such as news, games and ring-tones
  • sales of time-critical products, like event tickets

Markets are swelling across a busy environment of multiple technologies, hand-set capabilities, carriers and regulatory concerns.

With purchase potential ranging from a few cents to hundreds of dollars, the key business issue is how to arrange secure and cost-effective payment.

Single solution providers lack the range and capacity of payment solutions

DIALECT offers solutions perfectly suited to expanding mobile commerce.

As technology evolves so does the platform delivering our solutions.

In markets such as big-event ticketing we offer strong credit card processing well suited to mobile payments.

Our SMS and phone premium rate billing services are extensively used in tracking and collating small payments on consumer mobile phone bills.

Partnering with DIALECT gives business the advantage. We quickly adapt payment solutions to meet standards and technologies.

Our skill and experience in credit card payment and mobile technologies ensure a flexible and adaptable design approach.

DIALECT is your number one choice in this booming market.

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