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Enterprise Consulting - Payment Process Reviews

A common aspect of most large enterprises is a wide and often conflicting range of payment solutions and connections. The problems can be systemic or isolated within departments. The outcome is a range of administrative & process duplication and 'unseen' costs.

In addition, the market has seen significant advancements in payment services and technologies.  Global technology changes such as the internet, the sudden growth in micro-payments, and most recently the use of mobile & wireless devices for interactions and payments, represent both opportunity and challenge.

And of course at the same time, consumers are constantly raising their expectations for purchase and payment process convenience and security. 

So as business evolves, effective adoption of new (and often radical) efficiencies in payment services and technologies determine who will thrive.

Dialect would love to help you and your team better answer these questions...

  • Are your corporate processing payments efficient when compared to what is available in the market?
  • What significant benefits be achieved by changing your corporate approach to payments processing?
  • How can your corporation address new and emerging payment industry security requirements?
  • Is further analysis necessary?

A Dialect Payment Process Review can assist with quickly addressing tactical efficiency and transaction cost issues, while helping you to effectively adopt and benefit from the myriad of changes in the transaction processing landscape.

In a recent example Dialect helped identify a net benefit of over ten million dollars for a major corporate client. The sum was generated by re-engineering payment processes and re-designing system infrastructure. This benefit went straight to the corporation's bottom line.

Payments Process Review (PPR)

For complex enterprises processing substantial transactions we recommend a Dialect Payments Process Review (PPR).  This in depth analysis determines the often significant benefits able to be achieved from an optimised approach to client payment processes.

Dialect brings a common sense approach and decades of experience in payment systems. A relaxed interview process identifies issues and problems.

We then update you on the latest compliance requirements, and identified areas of change suggested within your payment processing. If there are benefits, your Dialect PPR will uncover them.

The phases of a complete PPR cycle

Phase 1 Initial high level review and recommendations
Phase 2 Detailed analysis of payments opportunities
Phase 3 Presentation of proposed payment processes
Phase 4 Implementation of re-engineering project
Phase 5 Audit of benefits

Project Implementation

  • Where the business case stacks up, Dialect can help you implement the project, and measure the benefits.
  • Dialect has the global experience, knowledge and skills to get you there - if benefits exists, we'll uncover them, and help you achieve them.
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