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Carriers and Service Providers need to constantly expand their range of services to clients. And to do so across an environment of new and complex technologies with funding and resource constraints.

Many carriers created inefficiencies in operational performance with point payments solutions on multiple legacy platforms.

Legacy platforms are inflexible and not readily changed to suit new strategies and technology. They limit portability between banks, customers and front end systems.

A key solutions opportunity for advanced carrriers is to deliver branded payments services to major customers, wholesale resellers and consumers.

Dialect has designed a platform that easily integrates with the evolving business and technological needs of Carriers and Service Providers

Stay in front with Dialect carrier solutions and services that include:

  • OSS Billing Integration
  • Intelligent Network Layer Integration
  • IP Network Integration
  • Networked Payment Gateway Platforms
  • Hosted IP Payment Gateway Solutions
  • Hosted IVR Bill Payment Services
  • Wireless Payment Solutions
  • Customised eCommerce Solutions
  • Accounts Receivable Solutions
  • Managed Help Desk
  • Customer Enablement and Implementation
  • Sales, Presales and Marketing Support Services
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