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Banks and Financial Institutions

Secure and efficient payment processing and administration are essential for acquiring banks and their merchant customers.

Global and regional banks must meet the complex demands of Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer markets.

Dialect delivers solutions for:

  • Multi bank operations
  • Their subsidiaries around the world
  • Banks based in a single country or region

Banks must provide their merchant customers rich, fast and flexible solutions with ease of integration for a wide range of merchant business environments that often span multiple countries.

Payment processing solutions at this level demand extensive experience and innovation. 

Dialect has a global reputation as specialists in the design of complex infrastructure, with essential features including the ability to handle:  

  • Bank entities segregate bank subsidiaries within the database.
  • White label Brandings for different countries and/or bank owned subsidiaries, key merchant customers.
  • Host systems interfaces ISO-8583 and proprietary messaging.
  • Languages Single and Double Byte.
  • Currencies All ISO supported currencies.
  • Card types Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Corporate Purchase Cards, and Private Label.
  • Payment Methods Credit, Debit, Stored Value, Loyalty redemption.
  • Transaction Types Auth, Capture, Stand-alone Capture, Void, Refund, Stand-alone Refund, Purchase, Recurring.
  • Transaction Channels IVR, Call Centre, Web, Mobile, POS.
  • Corporate data Levels including Level 1, 2, and 3 (full Line Item Detail).
  • Tax Regimes by country.
  • Merchant Interfaces API, Batch upload, Web portal, Merchant-side applications.
  • Fraud Prevention Techniques CVV/CVC, AVS, VbV, SecureCode, Fraud assessment tools.
  • Data Processing Security procedures and protocols (e.g. PCI compliance).

Dialect's powerful systems operate easily with an extensive range of 'multi' environments.
Access must be configured at:

  • Multiple levels within system,
  • Bank/country specific level,
  • and down to the individual merchant.

Acquiring Banks rely on Dialects software to support their mission critical 24x7 high availability needs.  Our expertise and system capabilities are without peer.

Dialect software is relied on for support at all times and through every crisis. We offer incomparable data protection and disaster recovery.

  • Full equipment redundancy
  • Systems fail-over capabilities within the main production data centre
  • Remote disaster recovery data centre
  • Online database replication between production and DR sites.

Servicing merchant payment processing is serious business for Banks. Thats why Dialect has been awarded the prestigious status of Tier 1 vendor. 

Banks can implement payment processing infrastructure on an inhouse license or hosted basis using our PCI compliant ASP processing service.

For further details, refer to the Dialect Payment Server under Products and Services.


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