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Travel Industry Payment Solutions

Travel is now the largest eCommerce market. Travel sales are moving online to improve service and reduce costs. The Internet is the major channel for research into consumer travel options. But further service improvements and cost optimisation is possible.

Dialect - the ePayments experts for the Travel Industry

Airline Payments Example:

A low cost airline commenced business with the target of 90% of ticket sales through their call centre. After trials a Dialect solution was implemented in just days, with the result that expensive call centre ticket sales are now just 10% of sales with 90% through the more cost effective website bookings. The Airline has flexibility to launch extreme and impromptu midnight fire sales and regular discount specials that increase payment traffic by as much as 100%.  It requires no additional support or system availability.

In the example above the short implementation was achieved due to pre-integration with the airline's reservation system. Dialect offers combined middleware integration, with interfaces to several Global Distribution Systems and support for common industry call centre and accounting systems.

Dialect's payments processing solutions are secure, reliable and adapt easily to the scale required by a client.  Advanced reconciliation and reporting can ensure a constant update on automatic ticket sale and travel reservation.

Increasingly Dialect solutions are integrated into the key travel applications and systems such as Amadeus. This pre-integration ensures highest possible service quality, with very quick implementation and set-up times.

Click here for more information on Dialect integration with MoneyDirect and Amadeus

The Dialect Travel Solutions Capabilities:

  • Secure Global Payment Processing
  • 3D Secure Authentication
  • 24/7 Global Support and Helpdesk
  • Integration with Reservation systems
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
  • Multi Currency Conversion (MCC)
  • Full Reconciliation & Analytics Reporting
  • Payment Process Reviews
  • Project Management

We have strong relationships with providers of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) services for Carriers and travel related merchants. And we are also experienced in processing non-AUD transactions (Multi Currency Conversion - MCC)  for Australian merchants.

Figure 1 - Integrated Airline Payments Solution

The Dialect Integrated Airline Payments solution provides global payment capability for all forms of payments:

  • Corporate purchase card;
  • Multiple currency support;
  • Web based sales;
  • Reservation and call centre system sales;
  • Airline ticket office sales;
  • General sales agents.

Add Dialect Interactive Services To Your Travel Solutions

Dialect Payment Solutions, combined with Dialect Interactive Services, enable clients to deliver fully managed customer contact that integrates voice, wireless and internet technologies for media, marketing, promotions, call centres and helpdesk (through SMS, IVR and Speech Recognition processing).



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