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eTailers Payment Solutions

Dialect Payment Solutions helps eTailers transform electronic payments into income.

The ability for retailers to accept credit card payments over the telephone, and on websites (becoming an eTailer) is a significant benefit for the retail industry. But there are overheads in managing the complexity of e-commerce payments, understanding related costs, and coping with the risks of online fraud.

The latest developments in mobile and wireless sales, and required payments technologies and services stretch the capabilities and resources of many retailers and eTailers

Dialect Payment Solutions transforms electronic payments into income.  with answers to your every worry.

We provide a range of solutions from simple payments through to re-engineering your transaction processing capabilities. We will help you take advantage of new and emerging technologies such as micro-payments and mobile barcode capabilities.

Our solutions are integrated to current and planned business systems around supply chain and financial services.

And for Enterprises with more complex eTailing situations with multi-division, multi-locations, multi-currencies Dialect can also review your payment processing operations and strategies and suggest improvements through our custom Payments Processing Review (PPR).

Protect revenue and contain fraud

Dialect payment solutions for eTailers:

  • Can be integrated seamlessly with web order catalogues and shopping carts.
  • Help protect against e-fraud.
  • Ensures the customer is comfortable with the payment experience.

Revenue leakage is contained at the point of payment, as the transaction is processed to settlement. 

Using Dialect Payment Solutions you can:

  • Expand into international markets and accept purchases in local currencies (with multi-currency and dynamic currency conversion capabilities).
  • Set business rules to
    • Automatically screen online orders.
    • Review fewer orders manuals.
    • Reject fewer orders.
    • Incur lower rates of fraud loss.
  • Apply a full set of authentication tools (using address verification and bank card sponsored authentication schemes such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode).  NOTE: these tools shift liability for charge-backs from the eTailer to the bank.
  • Take advantage of your bank's lowest qualifying interchange or merchant fees by formatting transactions that exploit Dialect's highly flexible payment protocols.
  • Help ensure no one abandons a transaction because it was too hard to pay.



Multiple payment options
Protection against fraud and revenue leakage
Integrated management of payments across channels
Turnkey service offering
Extend brand to online shopping experience 
Easy integration with websites and back office 
Expansion into new markets
Extensive reporting and reconciliation capabilities

Multiple payment options and channels

  • Accept credit cards and other electronic payments (types other than credit card vary by country or jurisdiction)
  • Accept multiple types of credit card transactions (including B2C, B2B and Corporate Purchasing Card transactions).
  • Process payments for multiple sales channels (Web, IVR, call centre)
  • Support subscription or installment payments

Transaction Management, Reconciliation and Reporting

With Dialect's secure merchant administration portal:

  • Refunds are easily managed.
  • Telephone and other channel orders are processed.
  • Reports on all payments are consolidated.
  • Transactions are easily viewed or searched. 
  • Reports can be exported.
  • Payments are matched to orders.
  • Missing payments are idenfitied.
  • Exception reports can be readily generated.

Gift Certificates, Loyalty Programs and Interactive Services

Want to create unique offers and promotions? Dialect's experience blends Interactive Services and Online Payment capabilities. You get the support you need to issue private lable gift certificate programs so you can transact using stored value.

Here's an example: A customer is awarded a coupon via SMS in recognition of a strong history of online purchase. The value of the coupon is then redeemed at a POS teminal in your bricks-and-mortar store.

Implementation and Budgeting Flexibility

Dialect Payment Solutions can be implemented locally or online for both client and server components. This supports minimal use of over-taxed IT resources and allows for capital/fixed cost vs. expense/variable operating strategies.

Security and ComplianceDialect has implemented the highest security for sensitive cardholder information. Security applies in processing transactions and for securing transaction report information. We fully comply with bank card association PCI standards.

We offer the option of a 3-party payment model for those eTailers who do not want to incur the investment of securing cardholder payment information. Card details are entered on a secure Dialect hosted page.


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