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The most common set-up for online payments. Only two entities handling the processing of the credit card payment on your website. You the merchant, and your bank. 

For merchants wanting complete control of the branding, look and feel of the purchasing experience of your customers, and are prepared to invest in the necessary security, 2-party is a preferred option.

The 2-party process. In a 2-party transaction you collect the customer credit card details. You design the forms and pages that receive and process the payment. Every aspect of the pages used for the transaction matches your website style and company brand image.

With 2-party you need to 'secure' the website and collected credit card data of customers. It requires, for example, SSL certificates for your website installed on the server hosting your website.

An obvious downside to the 2-party model is that should someone hack (break into) your website, they could potentially steal your customers' credit card details. The liability is therefore on you or your website hosting company to properly secure the server and keep it up to date with required software upgrades. If you store these details on your website they should be encrypted.

For merchants worried about security, an alternative approach is the 3-party process.

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