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Multicurrency / Dynamic Currency Conversion

For business trading globally, Dialect's Payment Solutions offer the ability to process payments in multiple currencies, including:

US$, , , , HK$ & NZ$.

This is ideal for businesses seeking to attract overseas customers, who may be more comfortable paying in a local or international currency.

Businesses accepting multicurrency payments often find it easier to sell internationally by increasing the confidence of their customers who can now buy in a familiar currency.

To sell in foreign currencies a merchant account with an overseas bank may no longer be necessary . We advise you check with your acquiring bank.

Real time authorisation of transactions
Seven currencies processed
MasterCard and Visa credit cards accepted
Foreign currency bank account with overseas bank often not required
Fast integration with standard websites and shopping cart applications


In Australia Dialect has partnered with the National Australia Bank to offer multicurrency payments to merchants. This service, called National Multi Currency Acquiring, allows you to process MasterCard and Visa credit card transactions and have receipts settled in one of six currencies.

Dynamic Currency Conversion takes this to another level by presenting the customer with a real-time foreign exchange rate at time of purchase. Dialect can incorporate a solution from various FX suppliers to suit your organisation's needs.

Getting Started:
Review the Multi-currency solution information
Complete the merchant enquiry form
Complete service agreement
Configure requirements
Test service
Go live

To find out more on Dialect's business friendly payment solutions, complete the merchant enquiry form.


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