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Dialect Payment Server

The DIALECT Payment Server is the cornerstone of our product architecture for card processors, networks and acquiring banks.

Our Blue-chip customers give our approach the strongest endorsement.

The only system designed from concept to installation exclusively for processors and banks, DIALECTs Payment Server is the THE hub for management of ePayment transaction and routing.

Over 35 financial services organisations depend on it to process ePayments.

Their merchants engage directly with payment networks (via simple APIs, files or user interfaces).

The key attributes are:

  • Payment Gateways (that work together to facilitate transactions)
    • 2 Party (MO/TOAPI)
    • 3 Party (Redirect)
    • Credit
    • Debit
    • Funds Transfer
    • Loyalty
    • 3D Secure Authentication
    • Purchasing Card (Line Item Detail)
    • EMV
    • Card Present
  • Portals
    • Merchant Administration
      • For Merchant Site Administrators
      • For Merchant Operators
    • Merchant Manager
      • For Merchant Services Organisations
      • For Payment Services Providers
      • For Processors
  • Payment Engine (Transactional Management)
    • Asynchronous and Synchronous Message Queues
    • Persistence Management to RDBMS
    • Interfaces to various banking protocols for authorisation and settlement (inc ISO8583, VISA2, AS2805)

Configured to your specific requirements, DIALECTs Payment Server can fulfill your every marketing objective.

Our skilled and experienced Solutions Delivery Group will help you clearly understand the product and its capability.

The options are:

  • You can brand and customize the server on an Inhouse License (for Processor, Bank or PSP). DIALECT can include a technical help desk for your merchants.


  • DIALECTs secure Hosted / ASP Service will operate the server for you.

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