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Global Merchant Services

Dialect Global Merchant Services provide implementation and operations payments transaction processing support for nearly six thousand rapidly growing or global merchants.

These capabilities are offered via financial services partners such as banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) or credit card companies, or directly if required.

We ensure merchants cycle smoothly through the complexity of setting up and supporting more complex processing environments.

We share a wealth of experience and knowledge with merchants having multiple accounts, multiple divisions, locations, countries, product & service types, varied banking relationships, different currencies and diverse skill levels.

Our team will provide incomparable support and guidance across each and every merchant life-cycle milestone. 

Dialect Global Merchant Services support these transaction processing life-cycle steps:

  • Sales - Your sales effort can be enhanced by Dialect with co-marketing activities, telesales services, sales training or consultancy for sales pitches.
  • Fulfillment - Your merchant configuration details can be loaded by Dialect into the Payment Server, for integration and production cutovers. We record and track your merchant history in our client database.
  • Integration Support - You define the level of technical support to assist with technical integration, and testing scenarios. Your staff can be fully trained to be self sufficient in using our payment solutions.
  • Enablement - With reviews and tests prior to configuring and processing live transactions Dialect ensures successful integration.
  • Production Support - You and your merchants can have full support in the day to day world of electronic payments. From transactional enquiries, to reconciliation and settlement issues, through function enquiries and fault management.

Dialect offers additional services including:

  • Customer Acquisition and Retention Program;
  • Product Fit and Portfolio Satisfaction Surveys;
  • Premium support 24x7/365 days per year for Tier 1 merchants.



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